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 Roorkee Old Christian Cemetery

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Date transcribed2016-02-25
Transcribed byPeter Bailey

This is one of the graveyards for which FIBIS commissioned Mr Rajat Sharma to take photographs and details of all legible headstones. All inscriptions are included wherever they are legible.

If you would like to order copies of photographs of any headstone listed in this index please make a note of the Image Reference and order copies on our Cemeteries Project page where you will also find more details about this exciting project.

NOTE that the address of this cemetery is Right Bank Canal Road, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, and its co-ordinates are:
29 deg. 51.347 min. N
77 deg. 52.525 min. E

Image Ref.  278    
Surname  Baker    
First Name  James    
Rank  Gunner    
Regiment  Royal Artillery    
Date of Death  14 Apr 1897    
Age at Death  22y    
Inscription  Erected by the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of No. 11 Company S.D. R.G.A. In Memory of their Comrades who have died while the Company has been in India. Gunner Cornelius Garney, died at Umballa, 3rd Decr. 1894, aged 21 years. William Compton, died at Rangoon, 8th June 1895, aged 21 years. James Baker, died at Rangoon, 14th April 1897, aged 22 years. George Fuller, died at Rangoon, 29th July 1897, aged 22 years. Joseph O'Toole, died at Poonamallee, 21st Septr. 1897, aged 26 years. John Shaw, died at Chakrata, 10th May 1898, aged 20 years. George Willows, died at Roorkee, 20th May 1898, aged 25 years. Act. Bom. Walter John Wallbridge, died at Roorkee, 18th July 1899, aged 30 years. Gunner John Tisk, died at Landour, 21st April 1900, aged 26 years. Henry Thomas Brazier, did at Roorkee, 20th June 1900, aged 28 years. WOMEN. Mrs Albertina Brazier, died at Bombay, 14th January 1890, aged 36 years. Mrs Amy Jane Mursell, died at Delhi, 3rd August 1893, aged 24 years. Mrs Annie Cole, died at Delhi, 26th October 1895, aged 35 years. Mrs Virginia Stockwell, died at Rangoon, 21st June 1897, aged 26 years. CHILDREN. Susan Brazier, died at Bombay, 13th Feb. 1890, aged 3 months. Edgar Horgan Sullivan, died at Kasauli, 20th Oct. 1893, aged 1 year. Robert Thomas Atwell Mursell, died at Delhi, 12th Nov. 1893, aged 3 months. George William Ernest Fisher, died at Rangoon, 8th 1896, aged 3 months. Herbert Clarence Horgan Sullivan, died at Rangoon, 21st Oct. 1896, aged 4 months.    
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Photos and details of Inscriptions of tombstones taken at Roorkee, Uttarakhand, formerly United Provinces.
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