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Go to record WW1 British Officers of the Indian Army and Royal Marine WW1 British Officers of the Indian Army and Royal Marine
 WW1 Casualties, CS Officers. Indian Army and Royal Marine (1914-1920)

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DescriptionExtracted from the Gazette of India, 18th March 1920. Cross-referenced with GRO War Deaths in the Indian Services 1914-1921.
Note: A Death Certificate may be obtained for those entries with a GRO Page number by application to the GRO.
Key (to Notes)
[1] 1920/21/22 entry from GRO WAR DEATHS IN THE INDIAN SERVICES 1914-1921
[2] Page missing from AIGS' copy of GRO WAR DEATHS IN THE INDIAN SERVICES 1914-1921
[3] I.A.R.O.: Indian Army Reserve of Officers
[4] I.A.U.L.: Indian Army Unattached List
[5] Suspect confusion between William Adam Robertson and William Vincent Robertson. CWGC also has William Adam Robertson.
[6] No entry in the Indian Gazette
CWGC: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Date transcribed2019-10-16
Transcribed byNoel Clark
CommentOur Thanks to Noel Clark who submitted this index and has allowed FIBIS to share them.

Dedication by Noel Clark: This transcription is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful darling wife Mei Shu Michelle (1946-2019), without whose unwavering encouragement and support I would never have completed it.

View all other items of "Surname" with value "GRIEG" in "WW1 Casualties, CS Officers. Indian Army and Royal Marine (1914-1920)" Surname  GRIEG    
Forenames  John William Henry    
Rank  2nd Lieutenant    
Unit / Regiment  IARO attached 25th Cavalry [Frontier Force]    
Civil Service Department  Civil Department    
Note  3    
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Lists of Officers, Soldiers, Civil Servants who died in the Great War. Transcribed from various sources.
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